Flori pentru rege

Ștefan Câlția

2.400 lei

The collection encompasses details from the series of engravings titled “Flowers for the King,” transposed onto porcelain objects.

“Flowers for the King” represents a collection of 102 aquatint engravings created by Ștefan Câlția for His Majesty King Mihai I of Romania.

The engravings reproduced here capture details of plant forms, each representing a different plant imagined by the artist. Every herb and flower detail conceals stories about Ștefan Câlția’s focused attention on nature; in their form, we read the close relationship between the artist and nature, the careful observation of plants, the understanding of their purpose, and the evocation of memories. The imagined plants transport us to meadows and fragrances, to Ștefan Câlția’s drawings, to the meticulous bouquets of flowers he arranges in a glass or that characters carry on their journey. Fragments of plants and details from the engravings have been gathered and arranged on porcelain objects by Ana Wagner.

The reproduction and firing technique, as well as the quality of the porcelain, allow for regular household use.

Porcelain set for tea
4 cups, 4 plates, one teapot
3 different models for the teapot

Edition of 90
The graphics from the porcelain varies
The drawing were printed through decalcomania technique

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