Platan Conac Ardusat & Arbori Bătrâni

Florin Ghenade

450 lei

Platan Conac Ardusat (Plane tree from Ardusat Mansion) is part of the series of photographs made by Florin Ghenade within the larger project ‘Old Trees. Let there be dark, but let there be light!’, a black & white photograph made in edition of 20, exclusively for this publication, reckoning its cover. The photograph was captured in 2019.

The book opens up with a series of installation shots of the exhibition and an essay written by Alexandra Manole on gazing in photography and time that this medium together with the one of the exhibition asks from us and gives to us at once. The reading goes on with a fragment from Bucolic Journal by author and biologist Wilhelm Lehmann, a writing with extremely careful and detailed observations made during a couple of months between 1929-30. It is followed by the poem The Three Oaks written in 1990 by Gellu Naum. Then follows the text of the artist together with travel notes by Cristian Stănoiu (video artist in the project). The text by Simona Popescu offers a selection of trees in literature. Matei Câlția’s essay brings an understanding from the point of view of biologists, anthropologists, arborists, and landscape architects, a compendium made from the conferences held during the exhibition.

*The book will not be distributed separately.

Photo: “Platan Conac Ardusat”
30 x 42 cm
Book: “Arbori bătrâni. Să fie întuneric, da’ să fie lumină!”
Authors: Matei Câlția, Florin Ghenade, Wilhelm Lehmann, Alexandra Manole, Gellu Naum, Simona Popescu
romanian / english
Published by Galeria Posibilă

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