Map Maker Like Lyrical

Katja Lee Eliad

Katja Lee Eliad’s Map Maker Like Lyrical offers a retrospective view on the self-taught artist’s work over the past two decades. Her personal trajectory has been shaped by the experiences of migration, queer identity, complex family history, which also reflect in her artworks that arch across mediums, from drawing and painting to poetry, video and sound. Having to adapt to constantly shifting conditions, by often changing studios between France, Romania and the US, her artworks are diverse in terms of size and means of expression. The extensively illustrated book is accompanied by two essays by Valentina Iancu and Anca Verona Mihuleț and a conversation with the artist by Nicolas de Ribou, aiming to map the coordinates of a tortuous journey.

Text by Katja Lee Eliad, Valentina Iancu, Anca Verona Mihuleț, Nicholas de Ribou
Edited by Valentina Iancu
Published by PUNCH
Book design by Radu Leșevschi

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