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Ștefan Câlția

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This catalogue is taking further the context initiated by the exhibition “Ștefan Câlția. Storytelling Objects”, which took place at the Museum of Art Collection between 20 May and 20 September 2017.

It encompasses three essays by author Svetlana Cârstean, curators Liliana Chiriac and Alexandra Manole, and continues, though exhibition views and  stories, the immersion in the Storytelling Objects.  For Svetlana Cârstean, the exhibition proposes a creative intimacy about which she talks in her essay “Back to the object. Back to Ștefan Câlția”, taking the reader through the exhibition space, suggesting relations between objects, artworks and the artist. Hence, her input becomes an honest reading on salvation, legacy, intimacy not being related with commodity, but with observing details and the feelings of the objects. Her perspective is accompanied by the one given by Alexandra Manole for whom the exhibition and catalogue bring together facts, natural actions of care and gathering what is praised for aesthetical, social or cultural values; Liliana Chiriac (director at the Museum of Art Collections), on the other hand, seeks to share with the exhibition visitors the museum’s symbiosis between the artworks and objects, which was, in fact, the main reason of bringing this project into the museum.

Authors: Svetlana Cârstean, Alexandra Manole, Liliana Chiriac
Published by Curtea Veche

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