Ștefan Câlția. Monumentum, Iarna

100 lei

Artist: Ștefan Câlția
Dimensions: 48 x 68 cm
Offset print, 200g/sm


This poster is produced and distributed for Asociația Sătească Șona Noastră, the community of Șona village and their projects.

Two houses from Șona received, this summer, a new face/facade, and this could be just the beginning of a turning point, a sign of care for the community and the heritage. The two houses were cared for by Asociația Monumentum, Eugen Vaida, Ștefan Vaida, Diana Iabrașu, Livia Coloji, volunteers from Ambulanța pentru Monumente, Asociația Sătească Șona Noastră.

Hence, Asociația Sătească Șona Noastră (the village association) goes on with these activities that consolidate the community and the village in a sustainable way. The association was founded in order to generate a proper community that would address issues regarding the place, start mobilizing local resources, as well as the responsibility of the authorities. It seeks building up cores and webs of trust sustained through projects such as Loc. Școală de privit acasă, Fierăria lui Lazăr, and facade restoration.