Ștefan Câlția • Mihaela Glăvan. Colecție capsulă. Coif

850 lei

Designer: Mihaela Glăvan

Drawing for embroidery: Ștefan Câlția


embroidered suede headpiece



We are pleased to announce a collaboration between two artists, the designer Mihaela Glăvan and the painter Ștefan Câlția, whose common interest for natural elements becomes the basis of a footwear and accessories capsule collection inspired by the magic-realism universe so familiar in the painter’s canvases.

Ștefan Câlția’s characters, whether they have their feet on the ground or are floating with empty bones, are part of a species he calls Travellers. Therefore, perhaps this collaboration with a designer known for her collections dedicated to the art of walking is not accidental.

Indigenous plants with names that still elude shy away from formal language such as chicory, zinnia, marigolds or yarrow are wreathed around the ankles of the creations designs executed in Mihaela Glăvan’s characteristic deconstructed style, defined by the quality of the materials and the craftsmanship. The designer incorporates the artist’s formal signature, the fish, which appears oversized on a multiple use purse bum bag, or deconstructed on the toe of a pair of boots. These adopted patterns are combined in collages that range from cohesive to contrasting, depending on scale and chroma.

Just like any accessory, these are also a direct expression of identity. But most of all they are an enduring declaration of belonging. The cloth is the first layer that separates the naked body from the world, and it can help us declare or shield our persona, fragility or catwalk.

Therefore we invite you to witness how Mihaela Glăvan’s rigorous design architecture meets the wondrous vernacular-inspired universe of the painter’s work. With an exhibition designed by one of the masterminds of the project, Cristiana Raluca Drăghici, we dare you in turn to discover which novel accessory was imagined by Mihaela Glăvan and which motif was painted for the first time by Ștefan Câlția.