Ștefan Câlția. Cinci case

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Artist: Ștefan Câlția
Dimensions: 41 x 31 cm

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In the painting of Ștefan Câlția (b. 1942) we are able to intuit the integrity of the world around us and with it a sense of eternity in the present. His works encompass man’s constant journey and evoke the charm of the worldly order of things.

The beauty of the color blue, which the painter catches glimpses of on the hills of his childhood, is also present in his works, transforming a cultural identifier into an expression of love for his native places. His parent’s house, as well as other buildings in Șona, become a principal motif in Câlția’s painting: “Your house is your own place, the place where you feel safe, because in your home you are surrounded by objects, but most of all you are surrounded by your dreams.”

If his figures seem always to be floating within different configurations of the natural world, his silkscreens depict the Five Houses as composed of the rich vegetal abundance itself, deriving its contours out of the very forms of nature. The chromatic vigor of the houses complements the universal symmetry and harmonizes the relationship with the brown of the earth. The Five Houses is the synthesis of a universe viewed holistically, a living organism that preserves memories and transforms itself together with man.

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