Elena Kristofor. Entwurf eines Waldes in Der Steppe

450 lei

Artist: Elena Kristofor
Dimensions: 50 x 37 cm
Innova Smooth Cotton High White 100 % Cotton 215
Edition of 30

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Elena Kristofor draws a sketch of the forest seen through the eyes of a person who lived most of the time in the steppe and positions herself being aware of her feelings in front of this new landscape. The artist tells how the steppe allows a kind of liberty, broadening, it lets her see the horizontal line which gives a spatial landmark. The forest gives a closure and rather agglomeration feeling. In the steppe you stay as you are, as an individuality in nature, but in the forest you venture to lose this status.

The photograph has multiple levels. In the first phase, Elena makes, in her studio, an installation using wooden slats, painted in primary colors, emphasising a kind of artificiality (also a commentary to the commercial use of forest and wood). In the second phase, during the exhibition, she photographs the installation and presents it on a large dimension paper, over which she arranges a couple of branches, as a reminder of the natural landscape. For this edition, Elena photographed the installation as it is in the exhibition at Galeria Posibilă, an overlap of a second space, a proof or belonging.

The artwork is part of the exhibition “The Use of Landscape” (24.06-07.08.2021)

*The price of the product includes the fine arts stamp duty, 0.5%, according to the law 35/1994.