Bogdan Gîrbovan. Groparul

100 lei

Artist: Bogdan Gîrbovan
Dimensions: 67,30 x 47 cm

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I imagined you’ll put this poster in your room, next to the place you’re working at. This is a work of art and whatever it might signify, once exhibited, it will have a saying about who you are.

From my stories as a gallerist, there’s one that haunted me while choosing the image for this poster. At an exhibition with collages of photographs and painting reproductions all the artworks that included painted figures have been sold, but none of those in which the figure was photographed. A viewer told me: you can’t look and lose yourself in works in which someone is staring at you, the photographed image keeps you there.

Thus Miss Biță as well as the gravedigger look straight into the camera and while they are photographed. However, we know Miss Biță, we already met her and she’s expecting us. We don’t remember where we know her from and why is she waiting for us, but every time we look at her, she’s there waiting for us to say something. The plastic flowers are there to let us know that Miss Biță is there as well, she’s always and forever waiting. The fruits – eternal hospitality is forever. The culture is inaccessible, but safely put on the top of the drawer. On the table, there’s vaseline; Miss Biță’s door is unbearably squeaky (for her) or maybe it’s just loneliness, it squeaks too and sometimes rings. This is not an easy image to gaze at, it follows you through the room… It follows like an image of loneliness to be banished.

The gravedigger is something else, with him you can meet fearless. He is expecting you, too, but he’s demanding nothing, he’s there to help and you have all the time in the world, no need to hurry, with him, you can go on with your job easily. (Matei Câlția)

*The price of the product includes the fine arts stamp duty, 0.5%, according to the law 35/1994.