Bogdan Gîrbovan. Categorii

40 lei

Artist: Bogdan Gîrbovan
Language: romanian, english
Published by: Galeria Posibilă


Bogdan Gîrbovan is one of the most interesting and well known photographers in Romania. Especially the projects 10/1 and Uniforms and Vestments having been exhibited and published on numerous occasions.

This publication wishes to offer the public a bird’s-eye view of the concepts and problematics put forward by Bogdan Gîrbovan. At the same time, this monograph is part of a future series that wishes to increase the exposure of the public to photography.

The book brings together writings on the 10 projects, categories of Bogdan Gîrbovan, by writer Svetlana Cârstean, art critics Igor Mocanu (one of the authors who often comes back to his photographs) and Sanda Watt, an interview with the artist taken by curator Diana Marincu, texts by artists Dan Perjovschi, Michele Bressan and Nicu Ilfoveanu, an interview with Michele Bressan and Bogdan Gîrbovan with marginalia by gallerist Matei Câlția, an essay by journalist Andra Matzal and a transcript of the discussion between Gîrbovan, Matei Câlția and artist Iosif Kiraly.