Tipizate / Phantom Inventory

Nicu Ilfoveanu

110 lei

Phantom Inventory is part of a series of publications that bring the public closer to photography and that was initiated by Galeria Posibilă in 2018. The editorial concept proposed by the series is now adapted to the specificity of Nicu Ilfoveanu’s practice: it opens up with a literary text, it includes a series of text already published in other instances, new commissions that cover new subjects on the working process in realtion to film, education, printing process of a photograph or with the printing houses in Romania, as well as an index of the artist’s publications.

Authors: Octav Avramescu, Michele Bressan, Matei Câlția, Cosmina Chituc, Alexandra Gulea, Laura Iliescu Jiga, Marta Jecu, Nicu Ilfoveanu, Claude Karnoouh, Marin Mălaciu-Hondrari, Anca Verona Mihuleț, Ilya Nedov, Alina Șerban, Marta Smolińska, Ştefan Tiron, Eugen Vasile

Print run: 500
Printed in Romania by Fabrik

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