Plante I

Ștefan Câlția

500 lei

These drawings with writings came along years ago, as I created a series of artists books in which I bring along all the nostalgia, all the happiness of taking in your hands some special books. I imagined these books as being in a very intimate relation with the viewer: each page is of different texture, different drawing, they have no single story from beginning to the end, each page being one story, and the link between them starts, at some point, building up other links. I thought about them as meditations of writings, readings, the kind relation we have with the world within a book.

From there on I made these drawings – ceremonial letters. Each time I felt I had something to say to someone, I wrote a letter with a grapheme that cannot be read.

(Ștefan Câlția)

39,5 x 21 cm
Edition of 500


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