Cană cu ierburi

Ștefan Câlția

1.000 lei

In the childhood home of Ștefan Câlția, glass vessels glistened in the reflected light of the sun and the moon, and the wild flowers and herbs filled the room with a soothing smell. The father had the children collect the most beautiful bunch of wild flowers, while the mother took great care handling the vessels with blue lips used on feast days. It is from scenes such as this that Ștefan Câlția drew inspiration for his “Cup of Herbes” silkscreen.

“Maybe the joy I get from paining wild flowers in my works goes back to my family.” The blue thread of the story began like a state of mind, and “these states of mind, which were a part of you, after a while give rise to stories, they become part of your life, your way of being,” explains the artist. The objects people surround themselves with have a role to play. Each triggers a different emotion in connection with the present or the past. Transylvanian traditional aesthetics derives its energy from the rediscovery and remembrance of a bygone world of artistic craftsmanship.

Although the art of Transylvanian glassmaking was strongly influenced by Venice, the glassmakers of Transylvania would combine various different traditions: Hungarian, German, Italian, and Austrian. And the techniques, knowledge and rituals they acquired were passed down from father to son over the centuries.

*The price of the product includes the fine arts stamp duty, 0.5%, according to the law 35/1994.

41 x 31 cm

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