Ștefan Câlția
Gustav Meyrink

2.000 lei

Both Meyrink’s golem and Câlția’s golem are expressions of a “tremor in the face of the relentless avalanche of a threatening future.” Both artistic “products” emerge from the fear of the acceleration of change and the premonition of an “ultimate” Evil yet to come. The golem is the historical spirit of a traditional community, a preserver of order, a mystical policeman, just as Ștefan Câlția’s lithographs are vertical constructions placed on the shoulders of the symbol, often medieval. From here stems the artist’s pleasure in imagining and interpreting the “upturned world,” the one of saturnalia of an end of the century quietly awaiting its demise.

The novel “Golem”
Illustrated by Ștefan Câlția
Preface by Alexandru-Bogdan Stănescu
Giclee print
Edition of 45

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