The Notebook Case

Dan Perjovschi

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Dan Perjovschi is internationally recognized for his artistic gestures that invade exhibition spaces, for drawing on the walls, and for the ephemerality and temporality of his work. He is also known for his quick comments on everyday events, and his satirical remarks about politics.

Beyond the exhibition space and the permanent markers on the walls, his drawings reside primarily in the notebooks he always carries, they are the place where he writes down his ideas, where he tries out his jokes, a territory for experiments, his personal Wikipedia. The drawings later find their place in the printed medium, in artist books, catalogues, newspapers and magazines, postcards, flyers and invitations, illustrations and book covers.

The Notebook Case 2005-2022 brings together the entire series of facsimile notebooks that the artist published over time, between 2005 and 2022. Produced in an edition of 5, the box also contains one notebook with an original drawing.

“I make a notebook for each show or project. It’s like a pocket studio and research space. […] There are a lot of bad drawings, things that don’t work, bad jokes. Humor is hard to capture… Out of the two hundred drawings in a notebook, thirty or fifty will end up on the wall and maybe ten will enter the general repertoire.”


My art is… (2005, le Quartier, Quimper)
I draw I happy (2005, Schnittraum, Köln)
Politician (2007, attitudes, Geneva)
Love Fuck (2008, attitudes, Basel)
București. Brussel. Chișinău (2008, Galeria Posibilă, Bucharest)
The News After the News (2011, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul)
Legal or illegal or the other way around (2013, Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok)
Doubts & Comments (2015, Total Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul)
The Vision Book at Marta Herford (2018, MARTa Herford, Herford)
The Prize Book (2018, Koenig Books
Drawing text (Learning Prague) (2019, Narodni technicka knihovna, Prague)
grateful to be in the last documenta (2022, lumbungpress, Kassel)
Special edition with original drawing (2022, Bucharest)

Edition of 5 with one original drawing
Collection of 13 publications


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