Borrowed Territories

Lucian Bran, Alexandra Manole, Augustina Stanciu

Borrowed Territories is built on the different perception of time, space and identity through the medium of cinematography and photography. The work implies taking photographs in locations where movies based on true events were shot, which have nothing in common with the locations where the real events took place. These photos studies the places that became “home” for the events revealed in Hatfields and McCoys, a film that tells the story of two families switched to enemies immediately after the American Civil War, from 1865 till 1890. So, the past historical events from the area of West Virginia and Kentucky – USA, are attached to the present-day Brasov, Argeș and Ilfov counties – Romania, where the film was shot.

With texts by Magda Radu, Alexandra Manole, Augustina Stanciu, Monica Stroe, Bogdan Iancu.
Book design by Alin Cincă

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